The phrase “Melayu screw Melayu” is not something new in the Malaysian political landscape, especially after the 13th General Election, and even more apparently so in the recent “I told you so, Pakatan” (published by Free Malaysia Today, 3rd March 2019) article by Dr. Tajuddin Rasdi.

Tajuddin’s paranoid about Islam becoming a major narrative in Malaysian politics is manifested in a good portion of his article. What is the problem with that? Is Islam a threat to him? He even mentions about “the need for drastic measures of counter communication” in regards to Islam, which gives the impression that he feels threatened and is afraid of his own religion. Is this so?

Tajuddin also mentioned that he once told a PH MP that “Malays of (the) middle and upper-class have accepted the narrative that Islam and the Malays are under threat”. I couldn’t agree more. The evidence is plentiful especially after the 14th General Election, and I wonder if he is able to see what is actually happening from the perspective of a righteous Muslim.

He wrote, “When I wrote about the illusion of power in the Cabinet, some ruling politicians pooh-poohed my idea. I told them that no Malay is tuning on the TV and the newspaper because they believe the Whatsapp more, not to mention the lectures by the ustazs”.

Tajuddin should instead be telling the ruling politicians to respect the social contract and to fulfil the promises they have made in the manifesto, in addition to advising them to not come out with absurd statements when it comes to state management issues. The previous government had lost their influence and power due to the slander made mostly by the alternative media, controlled by the then-opposition members. Lesson learned, the Rakyat now know who cheated them. So it is without wonder then that no Malay is tuning on the TV nor reading the newspaper.

Tajuddin must realize that Najib’s tweets are favoured and is highly popular because Najib’s revelations of government misconducts, backed with solid facts, is a breath of fresh air compared to the content on government-controlled media. The Rakyat knows what is happening and people flock to Najib’s postings on social media for truthful news delivered in a light-hearted manner. As a counterpoint, people are now apathetic to the untruths of the mainstream news, and the recent political developments incessantly fuel people’s discontent. Tajuddin’s disconnection and haughtiness goes so far that he dares to label Malays who favour Najib as ‘small-minded’. This is too much of an insolent towards the Malay people, especially when made by a Malay.

It is interesting to note that Tajuddin goes further to suggest that Malays should be re-educated on “Islam as part of democracy and multi-faith co-existance”. Have the Malays been wrong all this while when it comes to the matter of their own religion? Have the Malay religious scholars been deviant all this while?

He also urged the government to not mollycoddle the Malays. Have the Malays been mollycoddled all this while? Does he realize, or even know about the wealth inequality among the races in Malaysia? Does he even care about the land ownership percentage by the Malays all this while? In what way is the government is mollycoddling the Malays? UiTM? The New Economic Policy? Please study the social contract, Tajuddin.

He further transgresses by labelling Malays who support Muslim parties UMNO and PAS as “crazy Malays” and “religious fanatics”. It goes without saying that this reflects a condescending and dissociative perspective. As mentioned earlier in this writing, Tajuddin’s article really shows me the reality of “Melayu screw Melayu”.

Muhammad Asyraf Ismayatim



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